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Minnesota Injury Facts, 2006 Edition: Recreational Injuries

Fatal Boating Incidents
According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, in 2005 Minnesota recorded 23 deaths in 20 incidents (compared to 15 deaths in 15 incidents in 2004). Life jackets were worn by only seven of the 23 victims.

Non-fatal Boating Incidents
Ninety-three non-fatal incidents were reported in 2005, involving 117 boats, 82 injuries and $329,827 in damage to boats and property. In 2004, there were 73 reportable incidents involving 86 boats, 77 injuries and $317,641 in property damage.

Non-Boating Water Fatalities
In 2005, there were 45 non-boating drownings (compared to 30 in 2004). These included deaths in lakes, rivers and ponds as well as swimming pools, bathtubs and hot tubs.

Source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
More information about boating/water-related deaths at http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/education_safety/safety/boatwater/accidentsummary2004.pdf

Snowmobiling, All-Terrain Vehicles, and Hunting
During the 2005-2006 snowmobiling season, 213 injuries and 22 deaths were reported to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Forty-nine percent of the deaths involved alcohol. In 2005, 18 people were killed in all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) crashes and another 359 were injured. Twenty one people were Injured and three were killed in hunting-related incidents in 2005.

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