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Prevention Recommendations


  • To prevent falls by infants, use stair gates, supervise walkers, and place bars on windows at second story and above.
  • To prevent falls by older adults, increase physical activity, modify the home environment, and manage medications and alcohol use.
Interactive Fall Prevention Checklist
Fall Prevention Home Safety Checklist (PDF)
Guard Your Independence! Protect Yourself from Falls (PowerPoint™ presentation)
Remembering When (fire and fall prevention curriculum)
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Seniors and Accident Prevention

Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • To prevent motor vehicle injuries, increase the use of seatbelts and child safety seats
  • Drive alert; comply with impaired driving laws and speed laws.
  • Support education, enforcement and public policy efforts that increase compliance with seat belt, impaired driving and seat belt laws.
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Why Employers Should Care

  • Read product and medication labels before use
  • Store medicines and household products in their original containers
  • Store medicines and household products out of reach of children and pets
  • Learn basic first aid for poisoning
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