SafetyNet Members-only Community: Three Things You Need to Know

Three important things you need to know about the SafetyNet site:
  1. Changing your contact info. Need to change your contact info in your profile? That information is generated right out of our member database, so we can make any changes for you — just send us an e-mail.

  2. E-mails from the community. You are currently subscribed to receive a single e-mail summary on any day there are postings in the community. You can change this in My Profile > My Accounts > Community Notifications, to real time notification or to receive no e-mails.

  3. Questions about the site or technical issues? Please do not post questions about the site or technical issues in the discussion group (for example, adding industries or certifications to profile options). Contact us directly at Please reserve the discussion group for postings focused on safety issues and questions.
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