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Ramsey County Alive at 25 Defensive Driving Course

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What is the Ramsey County Alive at 25 program?

  • Vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for people between the ages of 16 and 24. This highly interactive, four-hour classroom program that builds skills and confidence among young drivers. Interactive media, discussions and role playing help young drivers take responsibility for their own driving behavior and develop strategies that will keep them safer on the road. Zeroes in on drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 — the group most likely to be involved in fatal collisions—and targets the behaviors most often involved in young driver crashes: inexperience combined with the complexities of driving, driver distraction, risk-taking behavior and speeding.
  • Developed by the National Safety Council
  • Taught by professional traffic safety instructors, including Minnesota State Patrol and police officers
  • No driving and no test
  • Certificate of completion awarded

What Will I Learn?

  • Why Are We At Risk? Helps young adults face the facts: young adults are more likely to be hurt or killed in a vehicle crash.
  • You Be the Judge! Learn to recognize unnecessary risks, identify driving hazards and combat them.
  • Taking Control How to take control of the situation as the driver or passenger. How to avoid risky actions.
  • Taking Charge! Explore instances where you or other young drivers have lost control, and how to take charge of your actions.
Registration must be received at least one week before class date. Pre-registration is required. Confirmation with course location and date will be sent when registration is received.

If you cannot attend the class on the assigned date, you must call at least two working days before the class to reschedule without charge.