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Professional Driver Training

Your people and your property are your company's most valuable assets. We offer a variety of driver training programs that focus on defensive driving principles including collision prevention, conditions affecting driving ability, defenses against impaired drivers and many other issues.

Defensive Driving Courses (DDC)
These courses include the most recent research on preventing deaths and injuries, using training techniques that reinforce every point. New information regarding air bags, safety belts and child restraints, substance abuse and other topics is covered. We offer 4-hour and 8-hour DDC, as well as instructor certification courses.

Onsite Professional Driver Training
We also provide onsite training for people who drive vans, tractor trailers, school and transit buses, delivery (straight) trucks and other vehicles.

Construction Truck Operators Training
The Construction Truck Operators Training (CTOT) helps truck operators and companies reduce the costs of operation associated with citations, fines and down time that can result from unsafe driving behaviors and improperly maintained vehicles.

We offer on-site and phone consultation on DDC and DOT-related topics. Call us with any questions or concerns you have about transportation safety. We're here to help!