Farm Safety Facts and Resources

Agriculture is the most hazardous industry in Minnesota. The resources and programs listed below can help keep farmers, their families and their operations safe.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture: Farm Safety
      Farm Safety and Health Resources in Minnesota
      Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) Rebate Program

Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety & Health Center (UMASH): a collaboration of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and College of Veterinary Medicine, the National Farm Medicine Center of the Marshfield Clinic with the Migrant Clinicians Network, and the Minnesota Department of Health.

      UMASH Farm Safety Check — a quick monthly review to identify and fix potential hazards before
      they cause harm to farm families and employees. Each month, Farm Safety Check will focus on a
      different topic, offering checklists and tips to help identify hazards, along with resources to remedy
      any problems.

Safety Grants Program, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry: Matches up to $10,000 to qualifying employers or farmers for projects designed to reduce the risk of injury or illness to their employees.

      Safety Grants Program Brochure – information for farmers

Minnesota Workplace Safety Dashboard 2018: Farm-Related Injuries

Federal OSHA Farm Safety Fact Sheets
All-Terrain Vehicle Hazards during Farm Work Fact Sheet, English: PDF/Spanish: PDF
Backing Up Farm Vehicles and Equipment Safely QuickCard, English: PDF/Spanish: PDF
Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers Fact Sheet, English: PDF
Preventing Farm Vehicle Backover Incidents Fact Sheet, English: PDF/Spanish: PDF
Safe Use of Tripod Orchard Ladders Fact Sheet, English: PDF/Spanish: PDF
Protecting Workers from Tripod Orchard Ladder Injuries QuickCard, English: PDF/Spanish: PDF
Protecting Workers from Tractor Hazards Fact Sheet, English: PDF/Spanish: PDF
Protecting Farmworkers from Tractor and Harvester Hazards QuickCard, English: PDF/Spanish: PDF